What we offer

You can now register with the Greenhouse Surgery online. If you have a contact address that is helpful, as well as an NHS number. But just provide what you can:

Register with your NHS GP here>>

Like other GP surgeries, Greenhouse will provide all the usual medical care services. We also operate on Online Consultation Service. We offer: 

  • Physical health assessment
  • Mental health assessment
  • Management of existing conditions
  • Investigation and diagnosis of new symptoms
  • Cervical screening
  • Contraception services
  • Vaccinations
  • Some maternity services
  • Social Prescriber Services 
  • Health and Wellbeing Coach and Services
  • Diabetes Specialist Nurse (once a month) 
  • Dietitian Services - once per month
  • Mobile Dental Services - once per month



  • The Greenhouse Surgery Online Consultation Service allows you to contact your doctor online and get health advice. You can access it by clicking on this link: 

The Greenhouse Surgery Online Consultation Service.

We offer specific support to people in need.

We provide consultation rooms for partner organisations to provide housing and legal advice, social justice, education, benefits, debt counselling.

Our Partners


The Greenhouse GP Practice shares premises with Hackney Housing officers who offer sessions throughout the week

We work closely with social care workers in identifying homeless people, developing comprehensive care plans, work towards reducing rough sleeping, reducing emergencies admissions, and worsening medical conditions.

We are involved in the teaching and training of other health professionals to better understand the needs of homeless people
We welcome referrals and contact from hostel/shelter staff, pharmacists, healthcare providers, social care workers, providers of soup kitchens, anyone who has a concern about someone they know 

Our Approach

  • We aim to provide the highest quality of care to all our patients regardless of their background
  • We treat every patient holistically- this means looking at social, psychological and physical reasons when trying to deal with their problems
  • We will listen to you and support you to move forward, and identify support to enable you to reach your goals
  • We will work with you and for you to prevent you losing your  home due to the symptoms of mental illness (and other social and economic problems)
  • If you are admitted into hospital, we will work with the necessary authorities to prevent you becoming homeless
  • We will work with organisations that have expertise with supporting homeless people, providing office space and facilities to become a one-stop hub for help

Get in touch

The Greenhouse Practice provides care to people living in hostels or supported accommodation, rough sleepers, and people who spend a significant amount of time on the street or in other public places. 

We also support the hidden homeless, such as people in squats or ‘sofa surfers.’

You can register or book an appointment here

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  • Request a repeat prescription
  • Send a message to your doctor
  • Monday  8.00am — 6.30pm
  • Tuesday  8.00am — 6.30pm
  • Wednesday  8.00am — 6.30pm
  • Thursday  8.00am — 6.30pm
  • Friday  8.00am — 6.30pm
  • Saturday  Closed
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